A Simple and Practical Approach to Security

We all know of the importance of security and the unfortunate result of a breach. Too many organizations realize this after it is too late when their name is seen across the news channels has having lost their data to a hacker or even worse, from negligence. What about those that never make the headlines? […]

Check me out on .NET Rocks!

Big thanks to Susan Ibach for hooking me up with the Carl Franklin and Richard Campbell of .NET Rocks, the online radio show for everything .NET related. During the show I have a good chat with Carl and Richard about building SharePoint sites in the cloud. The conversation starts out talking about the state of […]

SharePoint: The Great Amplifier

SharePoint is an interesting platform and as it grows as a product and with its already incredible adoption, it becomes an important cornerstone for many organizations. Ask the people that work with it though, and you will find a much divided love it or hate it passion for the product. But why hate it? It […]